Claire-Marie Inskip

Audit - Conseil - Formation

05 62 67 55 83

Solo depuis 2005

Profession formatrice

Adresse No 1 Chemin D'Embardan 32200 GIMONT

Qui suis-je, d'où je viens ?

I am a trainer/teacher by nature and by job. So since settling in France I have used my training abilities to teach English to young children, teenagers and adults in University and business environments within the Toulouse area. Now I want to bring my talents to the people of Gers. Especiially to help them see that learning english is not something to be scared of, and that, infact, it can be great fun and entertaining.

Pourquoi ai-je choisi le Gers ?

My husband and I chose the Gers due to its beauty, space, quiet and wonderful village lifestyle. Which undoubtedly is giving our children an amazing childhood! We are very happy.

Secteur d'activité et compétences

Formatrice anglophone diplomée. Formation anglais pour adults et enfants. Formation anglais d'affaires (anglais et francais) et club de conversation.

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