Kitchener Karen

Audit - Conseil - Formation

06 33 06 17 05

Solo depuis 2004

Profession Consultant en entreprise

Adresse Lauroux Area 32370 MANCIET

Qui suis-je, d'où je viens ?

My family moved to the Gers in 2004 when we purchased a 38 hectare vineyard which we still own and run. In September 2009 I decided to look for employment and put to use skills and experience gained over 25 years of sales, marketing and account management.

Pourquoi ai-je choisi le Gers ?

My family and I wanted to own a vineyard and the Gers offered opportunities within our budget.

Secteur d'activité et compétences

An innovative Recruitment and Resource Solutions Company to provide candidates for your business, but also solutions to manage your Human Capital which can alleviate the need to recruit!

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