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Consultant marketing

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Solo depuis 2011

Profession consultant pour le développement des affaires et la stratégie

Adresse Bernis 32420 MONBARDON

Qui suis-je, d'où je viens ?

Je suis Richard Jones. 
Je suis arrivé dans le Gers en 2007 où j'ai acheté une petite ferme. 
Je suis un Marketer de Master et Chartered dans le RU et pour les 15 dernières années ont 
a travaillé comme développeur d'affaires, de stratège et de commercialisation de la gestion d'équipes développement de nouveaux débouchés pour la technologie tels que l'information 
systèmes de gestion et de communication pour des entreprises telles que Thales, BAE Systems, Alcatel et Fujitsu

I'm Richard Jones.
I arrived in the Gers in 2007 when I bought a small farm.
I am a professional Marketer and hold a Masters degree and Chartered Marketer status in the UK and for the past 15 years have worked as a business developer,strategist and 
marketing, manageingt teams developing new markets for technology such as information
management systems and communications for companies such as Thales, BAESystems, Alcatel and Fujitsu


Pourquoi ai-je choisi le Gers ?

J'ai choisi le Gers parce que j'aime le style de vie français, je voulais un environnementsain en milieu rural pour ma famille, nous sommes tous comme le rugby et le ski et quej'ai été rendre au travail pour Thales au Royaume-Uni l'accessibilité de Toulouse àBristol et aéroports de Gatwick

I chose the Gers because I enjoy the french lifestyle, I wanted a healthy rural environment for my family, we all like rugby and skiing and as I was commuting to work for Thales in the UK the accessibility from Toulouse to Bristol and Gatwick airports

Secteur d'activité et compétences

Jones Consulting is a strategic planning and business development/marketing consultancy with a deep knowledge in current technologies encompassing Telecommunications  and Networking infrastructure and services, Software solutions, Radio Communications and IT systems, Information management tools including CBRN Sensing and reporting, Command and Control solutions,  Service provision and outsourcing/Partnering, 

We have experience in the UK and Europe for Transportation, Defence, Homeland Defence and Counter Terrorism. Police and Emergency Services, Local and Central Government, Media, Telecommunications operators and the research community. We have a core operating capability but also operate an associate programme to ensure that we are able to find a consultant or longer term contractor who is the best possible fit for the programme requirements. .

In the world of technology marketing and business development it would be impossible for any one person to become a master in marketing or selling all technologies. Through a network of associates who are subject matter experts in a range of fields Jones Consulting Europe aims to provide the best quality business support and most up to date sector knowledge to all of its clients. 

We are highly experienced and qualified in a range of important main stream business practices. The key business expertise we can offer your company to win business includes:-

? New business launch

? Developing new sectors

? Strategic planning

? Opportunity, competitor, sector analysis

? Opportunity identification and capture

? Bid management

? Process management

? Managing international bidding teams

We have recently developed a new capability representing small and medium sized enterprises to sell their applications and innovations from France to the UK and from the USA and UK into Europe and Eastern Europe

In addition to the high quality business development capabilities we can offer deep subject matter expertise in a range of areas that are currently high on the agenda of many of your prospective customers:

? Commercial off The Shelf telecommunications and data networking solutions (IP/SIP/VOIP)

? Service Oriented Architecture solutions

? Knowledge management and information systems (C4ISR)

? CBRN(E) information and reporting systems

? Homeland defence solutions

? Emergency planning and reporting solutions

? National security and resilience

? Cyber security

? UK MoD Land, Sea Air and Joint forces

? NATO C3 Agency

? UK Central and Local Government

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